The Problem with Internet Feminism

Feminism is the subscription to the belief that the sexes should be equal. Obviously, everybody who isn’t a complete tosser is therefore a feminist, whether they label themselves as one or not. They… Continue reading

The Niqab Debate, Video Blog

Narendra Modi: My New Feminist Hero.

You’d be forgiven for not immediately registering that Narendra Modi is the prime minister of India. What with Putin’s antics and the Islamic State wreaking havoc in Asia, India has been taking somewhat… Continue reading

The Forgotten Women of Afghanistan

It is a widely known fact that under Taliban rule of the 90’s, women in Afghanistan were treated despicably. Just a few of the things that they were prohibited from doing include, but… Continue reading

Things women do that aren’t any of my business (nor yours)

I made the mistake of thinking that in 2014, the idea of a woman (or anyone, for that matter), who chooses to do something, or wear something, or be something, so long as… Continue reading

Should Prostitution be Legalised?

The act of paying for sex behind closed doors isn’t actually illegal in the UK. However, it is illegal to solicit sex on the street, as well as to own or manage a… Continue reading

Marrakech pt. 2

So I’ve already written a travel journal of sorts telling of all the things that I got up to whilst volunteering in Marrakech, but I feel that, especially with a city as insane… Continue reading

I did it: I volunteered abroad this summer

Not posted in so long that I’ve almost forgot how to write but thankfully, it’s been due to being busy rather than lazy! Mid-May, I finished my studies of English Literature and Creative… Continue reading

Love by Toni Morrison: A Review

Toni Morrison. Shamefully, I’d never heard of her until I began my 21st Century Women’s Fiction module at university, and now I feel like a little bit of an expert. Nobel Prize winner,… Continue reading

Why We Need to Shut Up and Listen to Luisa Zissman

I love Luisa Zissman. Really I do. She’s not perfect by any means, and she annoyed the hell out of me at times during her time on Celebrity Big Brother, but the one… Continue reading