Love by Toni Morrison: A Review

Toni Morrison. Shamefully, I’d never heard of her until I began my 21st Century Women’s Fiction module at university, and now I feel like a little bit of an expert. Nobel Prize winner,… Continue reading

Why We Need to Shut Up and Listen to Luisa Zissman

I love Luisa Zissman. Really I do. She’s not perfect by any means, and she annoyed the hell out of me at times during her time on Celebrity Big Brother, but the one… Continue reading

Short Fiction – Recurring Dreams

TRIGGER WARNING: Themes of child sexual abuse, incest and rape. Recurring Dreams Edward ‘Oh for heaven’s sake Edward, not again. I’m so sorry about this Pete, he’s just…Look, I’m gonna have to go.… Continue reading

A Letter to Nice Guys

Dear Nice Guys, I feel as though I have to write something to you all. It’s 3:15am on Valentine’s Day and so I have absolutely no doubt that y’all (oh god, been reading… Continue reading

Why Katie Hopkins Isn’t that Bad

Katie Hopkins. A name that often needs no further introduction. A name that provokes intense reactions of anger, disgust, and incredulous exclamations of ‘GET THAT WOMAN OFF MY TV!!!!!’ Just saying that you… Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Lingerie: 5 Must-Have Items

Fashion blogging isn’t really my thing, mainly because fashion isn’t. I’ve never been a one for religiously scouring the pages of Vogue and Elle, preferring instead to just throw on whatever involves the… Continue reading

Sochi Warriors

I’m calling this post Sochi Warriors because that’s the first thing that sprang to mind when I thought about everything that I’ve been seeing on social media as of late and because I’m… Continue reading

Can You Be A Feminist & Have Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery and feminism sound like two separate entities that should never meet. Certainly, strident feminists would see plastic surgery, especially ops such as boob jobs, as pandering to the male gaze; a… Continue reading

India’s First Gun For Women: Ingenious or Idiotic?

India is a pretty shit place to live if you’re a woman. And by pretty shit, I mean really shit. It sucks. Female infanticide is not uncommon, most women do not own the… Continue reading

Response to the response of my “15 reasons” post

Jesus Christ. 24 hours ago, I finished writing a posh and clicked ‘publish.’ I then crashed out, woke up and, 12 hours ago, posted a link to the post on reddit. I always… Continue reading